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David Lynch built it

...we're not going to change it

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Except for a short trip to Seattle where I met with my old mate Chris, enjoyed the Pike place market offerings and did some shopping for my friend Rene, I spent the last few days in my most favorite escape: the Twin Peaks filming locations. I guess we all have our favorite escapes, it's just too bad for me that mine is half a world away.

But, I was pleasantly surprised to find out this is also the favorite escape of many other people, even after all these years. After all, 24 years have passed since Twin Peaks was premiered. When I asked the waitress at the double R (Twede's) how often people come for that reason, she said simply: "Every day. From all the states, Europe also - many from Germany".
I also met two old ladies on the Ronette bridge, one of them told me she met a guy from Australia the other day, doing the sites. I guess next time she will talk to someone about how she met a guy from Croatia...

As it turns out, many of the locations have changed since I visited last. Access to Ronette bridge is no longer possible from the northern side of the river, the Roadhouse iconic stairs are rearranged, Fat Trout trailer park is gone, the picnic site is now a maintained park, Sheriff's station is now run by rally school (which is a good thing, since it is possible to go inside), there is only one smokestack left of the Packard Mill, access to the river at the bottom of the Snoqualmie falls is no longer possible, Hap's Diner interior is changed...

Well the Johnson's house hasn't changed. I was extremely lucky today, the owner noticed me and invited me to sit down with him. We ended up talking for almost an hour. A very nice guy, likes to talk about the actual filming experience and also about about people who are coming over during all these years.

And it was at Hap's Diner (now Fall City bistro) where I met the owner, and we had a nice little conversation:
Him: "Oh, you're back!" (The owner is surprised to see me: I was there also in the morning, when he was there but the place opens at 4PM so I had to come back in the afternoon)
Me: "Yeah, can you guess why am I here?"
Him: "Hmmm. No?"
Me: "Visiting the filming locations..."
Him: "Aha! Ok, so you can see we did change this place somewhat."
Me: "Yeah. But the counter is still here."
Him:"David Lynch built it. We're not going to change it."

Right on!

Here's the counter as of today:

At the Johnson's residence, with the owner

Hiking down to Snoqualmie river near the bottom of the falls:


400 years old, 39 ton section of a Douglas Fir

They still serve it.

At the Ollalie state park

Wrapped it up with this night shot.

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A tale of Twin Peaks

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A wise man told me a few days ago: take a sleeping pill once you board the plane. That way you'll sleep through the entire flight, and arrive in america in the morning local time, completely rested. I didn't take them. I slept only three hours the night before the flight, so I thought there will be no need for a sleeping pill. I was wrong. And now im dead tired.

So, that was the reason I didn't go downtown Seattle after the 13-hour long trip, but decided to take it easy for the day and drove straight to my hotel in Snoqualmie.
Ten years have passed since I visited this small town east of Seattle. It is one of the places where Twin Peaks was filmed, and is also the home of Snoqualmie Falls, hands down the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. By far. I will upload some photos, but no photo can even begin to evoke the feelings which emerge once you meet these majestic falls face to face. Seriously, I have done my share of traveling and have seen some beautiful locations and lanscapes, but this thing is beyond any comparison. It's just overwhelming. Maybe it's the sheer power of the falling water? Or the fact it's drop is 100ft longer than that of Niagara falls? Or the surrounding landscape? Or is it the Twin Peaks background? Or the history behind it? Who knows...
The falls were once a gathering spot for the resident Sdoh-kwahl-bu indians. White settlers simplified the name to Snoqualm which means 'the moon'. Thus they were nicknamed the moon people.
So anyhow, after I checked in the Great Northern hotel (in reality called the Salish Lodge) near the top of the falls, the clerk at the front desk was suprised and asked me what brings me here from Croatia. First I tried the easy way out, by telling him I visited this place 10 years ago and that I liked it here very much and wanted to visit again...but seeing how he was still being puzzled, I added the fact that of course, I wanted to visit Twin Peaks filming locations. With a huge smile on his face, he just nodded and said 'ah, that explains it'. Next time I see him, I think I'll ask him how many times did he hear that before...

A few shots of the falls from today:

And the quite Twin Peakish view of the river and the trees from my room at night:


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Mulholland Drive

BIlly finds a book of riddles right in his own back yard

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Just finished watching Mulholland Drive, as part of my todo list before leaving Zagreb; And was surprised to find inside the DVD cover, the printed excerpt from some recent edition of "Lynch on Lynch" book, that is a chapter which discusses Mulholland Drive in particular. It happened almost as the title itself says: "billy finds the book of riddles right in his own back yard". I do have the original book itself, but it is the first edition, released in 1997, which ends with conversations about Lost Highway - no mentions of Mulholland Dr.

So, this was a nice surprise and the booklet is now another item on the todo list. Of course, many things on this list are still not done, so (un)fortunately they'll have to become a part of the journey itself. To mention just a few things which I wasn't planning on, but now have to, bring along:

- Reflections: an oral history of Twin Peaks, by Brad Dukes
- Lynch on Lynch (to refresh my memory related to the Twin Peaks chapter)
- Triumph of the nerds, a TV documentary about silicon valley and the computer revolution
- Carlos Casteneda: A separate reality, which is the 2nd book Castaneda wrote
- Macchu Picchu, a 175-pages illustrated volume
- probably a dozen CDs, since I'm not sure I'll find the time to rip them tomorrow
- ...

Hopefully my baggage won't be overweight. So anyhow, this is my first blog post for this journey, just to check out how it works and how it looks. Next entry is planned to originate on monday, from Snoqualmie, Washington!


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