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The inventor and the dictator

...and how shit happens, even in Snoqualmie

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So much has happened since my last blog entry. As the matter of fact, some of the things that happened made it very difficult for me to write. First and foremost, I learned the hard way some of the downsides of traveling alone. One of them is, you have to take care of all the things and details by yourself: such as keeping track of the things you carry, of the time you spend during the day (especially on the road), of the itinerary, etc.

And the other day when I was leaving Seattle area, I managed to leave my ipad at the Snoqualmie point park. It was just one of those stupid things. I guess shit happens - even in Snoqualmie ;-)
When I came back to get it about an hour later, it was already gone. But, there was a note at the spot where I left it:


Hmmm. Ok. I find it hard to believe someone can mistake an ipad for a computer (notebook?) in this day and age. And even worse, taking it without writing down any phone number or e-mail address. But, at least it appeared as if it wasn't stolen and that somebody was trying to return it. So I went to the Ranger station and guess what. It was sunday and it was closed. Luckily, some nice person who was working for the ranger was in the back of the station and tried to help me. He radioed the rangers, but only to find out it wasn't them who left the note, and it had to be some random visitor. But I already suspected as much.
So I went back to the park, asked around but alas - no luck finding the person who left that note.
The problem at that point was, I was leaving Snoqualmie and had tons of other things to do before embarking on a road trip to Long Beach, WA. And now I've already had wasted a few hours from an already a tight schedule - there just wasn't anything else I could have done. So with hopes of whoever took the ipad would turn it in on monday, I left the area. Drove to Everett north of Seattle, took a ferry ride to Kingston and then drove a difficult ride to Long Beach. Arrived late at night instead of the afternoon as planned.
I wanted to write about how I spent a beautiful day in Seattle the day before, but I was simply exhausted.

And what a day it was!

Clear blue skies, perfect for a visit to the observation deck at the Space Needle, 520 feet above the ground. Ufortunately I can't post the photos without the ipad (don't have my laptop with me), so that will have to wait a while.

I also checked out the EMP museum, which was quite interesting. Courtesy of Paul Allen. Among other things, there was a SF section (with great stuff like original uniforms and costumes used in Star Trek, Matrix, Superman,.. lightsabers from Star Wars, hover car from Blade Runner (!), a model of Alien used in the first Alien movie, etc), a fantasy section (with goodies such as the swords used in LOTR, costumes from GoT, the sword used in Conan - just to name a few), and then there was also a Nirvana section, with lots of interesting stuff (the smashed Kurt Cobain guitars being the most memorable exhibits), and finally they have on display a collection of guitars (in particular I remember Jimi Hendrix' strat which he played on Woodstock, and Eric Clapton's Brownie, the strat which he used to record and tour his debut album, and also Layla album).

As I said - lots of goodies at the EMP museum. Photos pending though.

One other interesting thing happened in one of the Seattle garages. As I was about to leave, walking towards the car, I noticed a Tesla model S parked:


The garage attendant, a guy in his late twenties, noticed me taking that photo and commented:

Attendant: "Nice car, huh?"
Me: "Yeah. I like it."
Attendant: "A very rare car."
Me: "Do you know who is it named after?"
Attendant: "Not really. I think the CEO is Canadian."
Me: "It was named after Nikola Tesla, the inventor."
Attendant: "Is that so?"
Me: "Yeah. As the matter of fact, he was born in Croatia, where I come from."
Attendant: "Ohh yes, I know Croatia! Was part of a bigger country, no? Which disintegrated?"
Me: "Heh yes, that's true. It was part of Yugoslavia."
Attendant (excitedly): "Right, right! There was that, Milosevic, right? The dictator?"


It was so funny. And sad at the same time, to realize Milosevic is better known than Tesla.

(to be continued tomorrow)

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